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FreeSWITCH IRC channels are hosted on the Freenode IRC network (FAQ).

You can connect to Freenode on Local servers and IPv6 are available.

Channel Purpose
#freeswitch Main channel (primarily English)
#freeswitch-fr French support
#freeswitch-de German support
#freeswitch-es Spanish support
#freetdm FreeTDM Support
#freeswitch-social Social
#freeswitch-docs Documentation Effort
#freeswitch-dev Development
#freeswitch-web Web and Application Development


  • Please do not use a generic username such as fsuser, change your /nick after logging in.
  • Please do not flood our channel. If you are copy and pasting more than 1-2 lines please use our pastebin!
  • Do not ask to ask a question. Just ask.
  • Do not be rude, crude or otherwise socially unacceptable.
  • Do not spam or flood the channel.
  • Please feel free to ~take-a-number, which lets users joining the channel later see your pending question.
  • If no-one answers your question immediately then it may be that no-one in the channel knows the answer, or they're busy/away. Please wait before reasking your question, ~take-a-number, or try later in the day (hint the main developers are in the US so probably won't be online if it's nighttime there).
    • If you don't get an answer for a long time, try "escalating" it to the mailing list, which has more eyes.
  • FreeSWITCH is a free product and the users in the channel are volunteers contributing their time to the project. Please take this into account when asking questions and do not demand. If this is not sufficient for you then email
  • See also:

If you would like to contribute, please feel free to hang around in the channel. Even if you consider yourself a beginner, we were all beginners once and you'll find that as you learn more about FreeSWITCH you will start to be able to answer other people's questions.


We have a bot, c888 who helps run the channel. When (s)he's not AWOL, which happens a lot.


Commands can be used either in the main channel or in a PM with c888.

~take-a-number $question

Stores your question in the waiting list. This means people can come online later and check what questions are currently waiting for an answer.

 <newfsuser> ~take-a-number How do I configure...
 <@c888> newfsuser, you are number 5

Please remember to pop your question once you have received an answer.

You can only have a single question in the list at a time. If you want to ask another question pop your question then take a new number

Your question will be automatically removed if you leave the channel. If you rejoin the channel you will need to take another number. Questions aren't answered in number order, but in the order people wish to answer them in.


Removes your question from the waiting list.

<newfsuser> ~popme
<@c888> 5 newfsuser: (04/20/12 08:18:35 How do I configure...)

~wiki $query

Posts a link to search the FreeSWITCH wiki.

<newfsuser> ~wiki mod_sofia
<c888> try

~bug FS-XXXX

Displays information about a Jira ticket filed on our bug tracker.

<newfsuser> ~bug FS-3012
<c888> [FS-3012] fsctl pause improvement 
<c888> Reporter: Bernhard Suttner [suttner]
<c888> Assignee: Anthony Minessale II [anthm]
<c888> Status: Closed

~rfc XXXX

Displays a RFC document.

<newfsuser> ~rfc 3261
<@c888> RFC3261 - SIP: Session Initiation Protocol


The bot corrects what you said to what you meant to say:

<newfsuser> FreeSWITCH is awsome
<newfsuser> s/awsome/awesome/
<@c888> What newfsuser meant to say was... FreeSWITCH is awesome

The optional /g flag replaces all occurences of $old_text.

<newfsuser> FreeSWITCH is awsome awsome
<newfsuser> s/awsome/awesome/
<@c888> What newfsuser meant to say was... FreeSWITCH is awesome awsome
<newfsuser> FreeSWITCH is awsome awsome
<newfsuser> s/awsome/awesome/g
<@c888> What newfsuser meant to say was... FreeSWITCH is awesome awesome

~whatis $query

Displays a definition from the bot's database.

<newfsuser> ~whatis pastebin
<c888> Pastebin is a nice place to paste things so you don't flood the channel:
<newfsuser> ~whatis jira
<@c888> Jira is our bug tracker at:

This database can be used to lookup the meaning of any SIP response code:

<newfsuser> ~whatis 100
<@c888> Trying
<newfsuser> ~whatis 180
<@c888> Ringing
<newfsuser> ~whatis 200
<@c888> OK
<newfsuser> ~whatis 401
<@c888> Unauthorized
<newfsuser> ~whatis 401
<@c888> Unauthorized
<newfsuser> ~whatis 403
<@c888> Forbidden
<newfsuser> ~whatis 404
<@c888> Not Found


Gets the bot to post a link to the pastebin.

<newfsuser> ~pb

~google $query

Posts a link to

<newfsuser> ~google dumb question
<c888> Check out


Magic 8-ball

<newfsuser> ~8ball
<c888> Most likely.
<newfsuser> ~8ball
<c888> If I were you, I would run.
<newfsuser> ~8ball
<c888> Outlook not so good.


Typing Clue or Cluecon gets the bot to post a link to the Cluecon website. <c888>

Admin commands

Some commands are restricted to prevent abuse making the bot flood the channel.


Displays the currently waiting tickets.

<@fsadmin> ~waiting
<@c888> 11:22 nobody waiting!
<@c888> 11:22

Non-operator users can view the list in their browser.


Displays the latest Git HEAD. Admin users only.

<@fsadmin> ~head
<@c888> Latest Release:
<@c888> commit 1c1720d37143ccb6a3a907dab320631476b302c6
<@c888> Author: Anthony Minessale <>
<@c888> Date:   Wed Jan 11 12:34:57 2012 -0600
<@c888>     fix typo


Displays the current participants on the 888 conference.

<@fsadmin> +list
<@c888> OK
* @c888 16:58 4833 John Smith 1002 (hear)
* @c888 16:58 4832 John Doe 10001 (hear)
* @c888 16:58 4831 Brian West 1000 (hear|floor)
* @c888 16:58 4824 Anthony Minessale 1010 (hear)


See the log archives.

Also available as a single file (warning: very large).

IRC Clients

You can use many IRC chat clients to connect such as mIRC and Icechat for Windows, Limechat for Mac OS X, Irssi or XChat for Unix-like systems, ChatZilla for Mozilla browsers or any other standard IRC program.

NOTE: Your organization may block IRC access as it is barred by IT departmental polices. If so, try using the FreeSWITCH or freenode web clients.

See Also