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Moving the ephemeral databases to a RAM disk will greatly improve performance, and it is CRITICAL to move them to a RAM disk if you use SSDs. More info on running FreeSWITCH on SSDs is SSD_Tuning_for_Linux here.


Some Linux distros have quirks that cause SQLite to behave poorly when scaling up. (I'm talking to you, OpenSUSE!) In other cases, disk I/O just isn't up to snuff. Putting the FreeSWITCH db files into a RAM drive can increase performance.

NOTE: The voicemail db information is also stored in the RAM drive, so be sure to back that up if you plan on restarting your system.


bkw_: I suspect you need to put db on a ram drive
[3:14pm] bkw_: mkdir /ram
[3:14pm] bkw_: mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /ram
[3:14pm] bkw_: then cd /usr/local/freeswitch
[3:14pm] bkw_: mv db db.old
[3:14pm] bkw_: ln -s /ram db
[3:14pm] bkw_: then restart freeswitch

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