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=See Also=

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Moving the ephemeral databases to a RAM disk will greatly improve performance, and it is CRITICAL to move them to a RAM disk if you use SSDs. More info on running FreeSWITCH on SSDs is here.


Some Linux distros have quirks that cause SQLite to behave poorly when scaling up. In other cases, disk I/O becomes a bottleneck to FreeSWITCH performance. Putting the FreeSWITCH db files onto a RAM disk can increase performance.

NOTE: The voicemail db information is also stored on the RAM disk, so be sure to back that up if you plan on restarting your system.


   mkdir /ram
   mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /ram
   cd /usr/local/freeswitch
   mv db db.old
   ln -s /ram db
   then restart FreeSWITCH

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