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Documentation for Users

Users Documentation The User Documentation can be found here. This section is for administrators and users of FreeSWITCH™ Here you can find configuration

Top Links: Basic XML | Languages for Call Control | Examples

Documentation for Developers

Developers Documentation The Developer Documentation can be found here. This section is for developers of FreeSWITCH™ Here you can find information on the structure and techniques to add to the project.

Top Links: API Documentation | Authoring FreeSWITCH™ Modules | Developer Tips | Using developer interfaces

Other References

Library Various documents that can be useful to both users and administrators are placed here. They are generally just reference documents regarding a standard that FreeSWITCH™ as implemented, but that may not always be the case. So sit back and read something from our library.

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Other Documentation Initiatives

The documentation is not yet complete but is being worked on. Currently, the documentation is distributed among: