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The scenario is this way:-

User A wants to call user B

A is, say in India,

B is, say in US.

A doesnt want to make an international call to B So, A dials a GATEWAY which can route to B, and which is also in India (call to GATEWAY is local)

A ----> GATEWAY ----> B

Effectively A makes local call to B. The script assumes you have the destination number (B's number) stored in a temp file

   //Answer the call
   // Assuming you have the destination number stored in  a temp file
   var fd = new File("<path to temp file containing destination number>");
   var buff = fd.readln();
   console_log("notice","\nYou are trying to reach "+buff+"\n");
   route = "sofia/gateway/net4india/"+buff;
   session.execute("bridge", route);
   console_log("notice", "Disconnect cause: " + session.cause + "\n");

~ gakul