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This page should match the modules under source control



  • mod_abstraction - Provides an abstraction to API call (and more in the future).
  • mod_avmd - Detects voicemail beeps using a generalized approach.
  • mod_blacklist - Blacklist module.
  • mod_callcenter - Call queuing application that can be used for call center needs.
  • mod_cidlookup - Provides a means (database, url) to lookup the callerid name from a number.
  • mod_cluechoo - A simple framework demo module.
  • mod_commands - A mass plethora of API interface commands.
  • mod_conference - Conference room module.
  • mod_curl - Allows scripts to make HTTP requests as receive responses as plain text or JSON.
  • mod_db - Database key/value store functionality, group dialing, and limit backend.
  • mod_directory - Dial by Name directory.
  • mod_distributor - Simple round-robin style distributions.
  • mod_dptools - Dialplan Tools: provides a number of apps and utilities for the dialplan.
  • mod_easyroute - A simple DID routing engine that uses a database lookup to determine how to route an incoming call.
  • mod_enum - Route PSTN numbers over internet according to ENUM servers, such as
  • mod_esf - Holds the multi cast paging application for SIP.
  • mod_esl - Allows to generate remote ESL commands.
  • mod_expr - Brian Allen Vanderburg's expression evaluation library.
  • mod_fifo - FIFO module.
  • mod_fsk - FSK (Frequency-Shift Keying) data transfer
  • mod_fsv - FreeSWITCH Video application (Recording and playback)
  • mod_hash - Hashtable key/value store functionality and limit backend
  • mod_httapi - HT-TAPI Hypertext Telephony API (Twilio FreeSWITCH style)
  • mod_http_cache - HTTP GET with caching.
  • mod_ladspa - use Auto-tune on your call.
  • mod_lcr - Implements LCR (Least Cost Routing)
  • mod_limit - pulled into core. See: Limit.
  • mod_memcache - API that integrates with memcached (a distributed key/value object store)
  • mod_mongo -
    • describtion needed!
  • mod_mp4 - MP4 File Format support for video apps.
  • mod_nibblebill - Billing module ("nibbles" at credit/cash amounts during calls)
  • mod_oreka - Module for Media Recording with Oreka
  • mod_osp - Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) Module.
  • mod_rad_auth - use RADIUS for authentication
  • mod_redis - supplies a limit back-end that uses Redis.
  • mod_rss - Reads RSS feeds via a TTS engine.
  • mod_skel - Dummy module.
  • mod_sms - Apps for chat messages
  • mod_snapshot - Records a sliding window of audio and can take snapshots to disk.
  • mod_snipe_hunt - A simple framework demo module.
  • mod_snmp - SNMP module.
  • mod_snom - Controlling softkeys on Snom phones (button function, led state, label etc.)
  • mod_sonar - Emulate real Sonar.
  • mod_soundtouch - Modify the pitch of the audio and other sound effects.
  • mod_spandsp - Spandsp tone and DTMF detectors. A combination of mod_fax and mod_voipcodecs and mod_t38gateway.
  • mod_spy - User spy module.
  • mod_stress - Module for detecting voice stress.
  • mod_tone_detect - Tone detection module.
  • mod_translate - Format numbers into a specified format.
  • mod_valet_parking - Allows calls to be parked and picked up easily.
  • mod_vmd - Voicemail beep detection module.
  • mod_voicemail - Full-featured voicemail module.
  • mod_voicemail_ivr - VoiceMail IVR Interface.
  • mod_xml_odbc - Allows user directory to be accessed from a database in realtime.

Speech Recognition / Text-to-Speech


Codec Negotiation explained



  • mod_ldap - LDAP module made to obtain dialplans, user accounts, etc.


Event Handlers

See cdr


  • mod_cdr - Call detail record handler

File Formats


Languages for Call Control explained.

Languages (unsupported / out of tree)



  • softtimer - Timer for FreeSWITCH. No hardware needed, now in-core (but still optional)
  • mod_posix_timer - POSIX timers. Runs on older kernels like the ones in Centos 5.
  • mod_timerfd - a new kernel that supports this option kernel >= 2.6.25 and libc >= 2.8

External API's

  • mod_xml_curl - XML Gateway Code. Configure FreeSWITCH™ from a web server on boot and on the fly.
  • mod_xml_ldap - LDAP XML Gateway.
  • mod_xml_rpc - XML Remote Procedure Calls. Issue commands from your web application.
  • mod_xml_scgi - Simple Common Gateway Interface

External modules