Busy Call Retry

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NOTE All the text below was last edited in 2009, it is therefore likely out-of-date, inaccurate and in dire need of a refresh


console_log("notice", "*********** STARTING TO DIAL NUMBER! ***********\n");


while (callTry()){};

function callTry(){
	// Create new_session 
	new_session = new Session();
	console_log("notice", "*********** DIALING NUMBER! ***********\n");
	new_session.originate(session, "sofia/gateway/<gateway-name>/<number>");
	console_log("notice", "*********** CAUSE: " + new_session.cause + " ***********\n"); 
	if(new_session.cause == "USER_BUSY"){
		console_log("notice", "*********** HANGING UP ***********\n"); 
		console_log("notice", "*********** TRYING AGAIN ***********\n"); 
		return true;
	// wait for it ... answer
	// IF everybody is ready, then bridge our current session & the new_session
	if (new_session.ready()) {
	   bridge(session, new_session);
	return false;
// log to the console
console_log("notice", "*********** CALL CONNECTED! ***********\n");

// hangup when done

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