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Usefull documentation


Existing implementations:


(bold means Important missing features ; this list doesn't mean that we are working on it :-P )

  • Softkeys/Stimulus:
    • CFwdAll/ForwardAll, CFwdBusy/ForwardBusy, CFwdNoAnswer/ForwardNoAnswer (see FS-3048)
    • /AutoAnswer, /AutoAnswerRelease
    • /ServiceURL
    • /Conference, /MeetMeConference, Join, MeetMeConfrn
    • Park/CallPark, CallPickUp/CallPickup, GrpCallPickUp/GroupCallPickup
    • Info
    • Confrn
    • DND (DoNotDisturb) (see FS-3047)
    • ... (lot more)
  • Per line:
    • no-answer-duration
    • Ring policies: on-idle, on-active (when any line on the phone has a call in progress)
    • Ring policies: call-pickup-group/on-idle, call-pickup-group/on-active
    • busy-trigger (number of active calls before busy)
  • Features:
    • Improved presence:
      • Message Waiting indicator (MWI) improvements (how to handle multiple lines?)
      • Shared Line Appearance common to mod_sofia (SCA)
      • Busy Lamp Field
    • Better behavior (when: other leg busy, ...)
    • IPMA (manager-assistant)
    • Extension mobility
    • Soft-key template and Soft-key sets configurable via XML
    • Bypass Media (help needed)
    • Codec Negotiation (help needed)
    • Dynamic SpeedDials (need more info on this)
    • Other platforms than i386: amd64 (need more testing), ppc (nothing done), ...
    • Support for Smart Phone Control Protocol (SPCP) info for CP-500 phones and the SPA525 phone
  • Administration and management:
    • LDAP schema
    • xml_curl module to read from LDAP (prototype to be commited)
    • GOsa plugin and/or FreePBX module
    • Use FUSE to automagicaly create files on TFTP request
    • Whisper Coaching
  • Custom Events:
    • ...
  • API Commands:
skinny profile <profile_name> device <device_name> send SelectSoftKeysMessage [...]
skinny profile <profile_name> device <device_name> send CallInfo [...]
skinny profile <profile_name> device <device_name> send StartTone <tone>
skinny profile <profile_name> device <device_name> send StopTone
skinny status profile <profile_name> line <line_name>
skinny status profile <profile_name> device <device_name> buttons [<button_type>]

Skinny Message list

Message Code Status in mod_skinny
Station -> Callmanager
KeepAliveMessage 0x0000 DONE
RegisterMessage 0x0001 DONE
IpPortMessage 0x0002 DONE
KeypadButtonMessage 0x0003 DONE
EnblocCallMessage 0x0004 DONE
StimulusMessage 0x0005 DONE
OffHookMessage 0x0006 DONE
OnHookMessage 0x0007 DONE
HookFlashMessage 0x0008
ForwardStatReqMessage 0x0009 DONE
SpeedDialStatReqMessage 0x000A DONE
LineStatReqMessage 0x000B DONE
ConfigStatReqMessage 0x000C DONE
TimeDateReqMessage 0x000D DONE
ButtonTemplateReqMessage 0x000E DONE
VersionReqMessage 0x000F DONE
CapabilitiesResMessage 0x0010 DONE
MediaPortListMessage 0x0011
ServerReqMessage 0x0012
AlarmMessage 0x0020 DONE
MulticastMediaReceptionAck 0x0021
OpenReceiveChannelAck 0x0022 DONE
ConnectionStatisticsRes 0x0023
OffHookWithCgpnMessage 0x0024
SoftKeySetReqMessage 0x0025 DONE
SoftKeyEventMessage 0x0026 DONE
UnregisterMessage 0x0027 DONE
SoftKeyTemplateReqMessage 0x0028 DONE
RegisterTokenReq 0x0029
MediaTransmissionFailure 0x002A
HeadsetStatusMessage 0x002B DONE
MediaResourceNotification 0x002C
RegisterAvailableLinesMessage 0x002D DONE
DeviceToUserDataMessage 0x002E DONE
DeviceToUserDataResponseMessage 0x002F DONE
UpdateCapabilitiesMessage 0x0030
OpenMultiMediaReceiveChannelAckMessage 0x0031
ClearConferenceMessage 0x0032
ServiceURLStatReqMessage 0x0033 DONE
FeatureStatReqMessage 0x0034 DONE
CreateConferenceResMessage 0x0035
DeleteConferenceResMessage 0x0036
ModifyConferenceResMessage 0x0037
AddParticipantResMessage 0x0038
AuditConferenceResMessage 0x0039
AuditParticipantResMessage 0x0040
DeviceToUserDataVersion1Message 0x0041 DONE
DeviceToUserDataResponseVersion1Message 0x0042 DONE
DialedPhoneBookMessage 0x0048 Incomplete
AccessoryStatusMessage 0x0049 DONE
 ? 0x004A
Callmanager -> Station
RegisterAckMessage 0x0081 DONE
StartToneMessage 0x0082 DONE
StopToneMessage 0x0083 DONE
SetRingerMessage 0x0085 DONE
SetLampMessage 0x0086 DONE
SetHookFlashDetectModeMessage 0x0087
SetSpeakerModeMessage 0x0088 DONE
SetMicroModeMessage 0x0089
StartMediaTransmission 0x008A DONE
StopMediaTransmission 0x008B DONE
StartMediaReception 0x008C
StopMediaReception 0x008D
CallInfoMessage 0x008F DONE
ForwardStatMessage 0x0090 Incomplete
SpeedDialStatMessage 0x0091 DONE
LineStatMessage 0x0092 DONE
ConfigStatMessage 0x0093 DONE
DefineTimeDate 0x0094 DONE
StartSessionTransmission 0x0095
StopSessionTransmission 0x0096
ButtonTemplateMessage 0x0097 DONE
VersionMessage 0x0098 DONE
DisplayTextMessage 0x0099
ClearDisplay 0x009A
CapabilitiesReqMessage 0x009B DONE
EnunciatorCommandMessage 0x009C
RegisterRejectMessage 0x009D DONE
ServerResMessage 0x009E
Reset 0x009F DONE
KeepAliveAckMessage 0x0100 DONE
StartMulticastMediaReception 0x0101
StartMulticastMediaTransmission 0x0102
StopMulticastMediaReception 0x0103
StopMulticastMediaTransmission 0x0104
OpenReceiveChannel 0x0105 DONE
CloseReceiveChannel 0x0106 DONE
ConnectionStatisticsReq 0x0107
SoftKeyTemplateResMessage 0x0108 DONE
SoftKeySetResMessage 0x0109 DONE
SelectSoftKeysMessage 0x0110 DONE
CallStateMessage 0x0111 DONE
DisplayPromptStatusMessage 0x0112 DONE
ClearPromptStatusMessage 0x0113 DONE
DisplayNotifyMessage 0x0114
ClearNotifyMessage 0x0115
ActivateCallPlaneMessage 0x0116 DONE
DeactivateCallPlaneMessage 0x0117
UnregisterAckMessage 0x0118 DONE
BackSpaceReqMessage 0x0119 DONE
RegisterTokenAck 0x011A
RegisterTokenReject 0x011B
StartMediaFailureDetection 0x011C
DialedNumberMessage 0x011D DONE
UserToDeviceDataMessage 0x011E DONE
FeatureStatMessage 0x011F DONE
DisplayPriNotifyMessage 0x0120 DONE
ClearPriNotifyMessage 0x0121
StartAnnouncementMessage 0x0122
StopAnnouncementMessage 0x0123
AnnouncementFinishMessage 0x0124
NotifyDtmfToneMessage 0x0127
SendDtmfToneMessage 0x0128
SubscribeDtmfPayloadReqMessage 0x0129
SubscribeDtmfPayloadResMessage 0x012A
SubscribeDtmfPayloadErrMessage 0x012B
UnSubscribeDtmfPayloadReqMessage 0x012C
UnSubscribeDtmfPayloadResMessage 0x012D
UnSubscribeDtmfPayloadErrMessage 0x012E
ServiceURLStatMessage 0x012F DONE
CallSelectStatMessage 0x0130
OpenMultiMediaChannelMessage 0x0131
StartMultiMediaTransmission 0x0132
StopMultiMediaTransmission 0x0133
MiscellaneousCommandMessage 0x0134
FlowControlCommandMessage 0x0135
CloseMultiMediaReceiveChannel 0x0136
CreateConferenceReqMessage 0x0137
DeleteConferenceReqMessage 0x0138
ModifyConferenceReqMessage 0x0139
AddParticipantReqMessage 0x013A
DropParticipantReqMessage 0x013B
AuditConferenceReqMessage 0x013C
AuditParticipantReqMessage 0x013D
UserToDeviceDataVersion1Message 0x013F DONE
FlowControlCommandMessage 0x0141
 ? 0x0142
 ? 0x0143
 ? 0x0144
DisplayDynamicPromptStatusMessage 0x0145
FeatureStatAdvancedMessage 0x0146
LineStatDynamicMessage 0x0147
ServiceURLStatDynamicMessage 0x0148
SpeedDialStatDynamicMessage 0x0149
CallInfoDynamicMessage 0x014A
DialedPhoneBookAckMessage 0x0152 Incomplete
 ? 0x0153
StartMediaTransmissionAck 0x0154
ExtensionDeviceCaps 0x0159
XMLAlarmMessage 0x015A DONE
SPARegisterMessage 0x8000

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