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Source Tarball


Latest Build

Git Tree

FreeSWITCH is very stable, even the latest Git tree. The repository is here:

Learning Git

Either you were a Windows user o Linux user Pro Git web page is a excellent beginning.

Simple Clone - Linux/Unix

git clone git://

See Ubuntu Quick Start for more information.

Clone on Windows

Git for Windows

  • First install a Git Client for Windows, this version is known to work well. However you could install another one from mSysGit

On Windows you must Select CheckOut as-is, Commit as-is in order to Set core.autocrlf False.


Once installed Git Client, you will be able to download FreeSWITCH source code without GUI Tool as TortoiseGit. Just type:

git clone -v git:// C:/FS_GIT/

at Git Bash, the last param is an example.

  • You should verify the core.autocrlf values type on git config --get-all core.autocrlf is false

TortoiseGit for Windows GUI Tool

TortoiseGit is only a Front-End application and is an optional install after Git for Windows, above.



*Check if TortoiseGit general settings is already set msysgit -> Git.exe Path otherwise set it, i.e., C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin.


Once TortoiseGit is installed, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to an appropriate folder (like My Documents)
  • Create a new folder named "FreeSWITCH"
  • You must set autocrlf=false otherwise the gawk scripts will fail!
  • Right-click the "FreeSWITCH" folder and click on "Git Clone"
  • The Git repo is git://
  • The clone will take several minutes...

When the clone is finished, you can check the status by right-clicking and selecting properties on the cloned folder, and selecting the Git tab. You'll see something like:

  HEAD:             3c66b497d66ae180de30bffe449d0421f5d16221
                    S-2784, missing incoming calls to one interfacename
                    Giovanni Maruzzelli
                    2010-10-29 01:57:37
  Last Modified:    3c66b497d66ae180de30bffe449d0421f5d16221
                    skypopen: fix FS-2784, missing incoming calls to one interfacename
                    Giovanni Maruzzelli
                    2010-10-29 01:57:37

Once the checkout is complete then use one of the solution files:

  • Freeswitch.2008.sln - MS Visual Studio 2008 solution file
  • - MS Visual C++ Express Edition solution file.

Regards Arturo Monroy

Pre-Built Binaries


Mac OS X


  • AstLinux - Daily builds of AstLinux trunk with FreeSWITCH enabled. The version of FreeSWITCH is Git master as of the execution of the

build script, currently 2AM EST


NOTE: The pfSense project, which is FreeBSD-based, contains a FreeSWITCH package installer.

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